Metro de Madrid, Line 6 
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Client: Metro de Madrid 
AD: Yorokobu Magazine

Metro de Madrid (Subway of Madrid) commissioned a serie of illustrations depicting each of their 12 lines for an Instagram campaign. Yorokobu selected the artists and directed them. I had the chance to be one of them :)
They asked for a huge illustration (12000 x1200 px) that will be splitted afterwards in 10 parts so it fits in a squared format. The colour palette is also determined for each line (each one has its "official" colour).

You can see here the original publication on Yorokobu's Instagram.

I wanted to do something more than drawing boring subway station façades, so I took it the funny way. I intended to represent in a metaphorical way the most emblematic points near this line. For example, Ciudad Universitaria (Universitarian City), the first panel, for me University was a deadly combination of coffee and books. Or, the last panel, Avenida de América (American Avenue) it's represented by the Tikal pyramid, located in Guatemala. I really enjoyed drawing this project :D

The ten places that I represented were: Ciudad Universitaria, Diego de León, Conde de Casal, Méndez Álvaro, Planetario de Madrid, Nuevos Ministerios, Puente de Segovia and the Manzanares river,  Principe Pío, Gregorio Marañón Hospital and finally Avenida de América.
Ciudad Universitaria
Diego de León 
Conde de Casal
Méndez Álvaro 
Planetario de Madrid
Nuevos Ministerios
Puente de Segovia y el río Manzanares 
Príncipe Pio 
Hospital Gregorio Marañón  
Avenida de América
Sketches and key colours
First sketch. Tap to enlarge and sweep.
Second sketch with key colours. Tap to enlarge and sweep.
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