Reservas de la Biosfera (1/5)
La Red Mundial de Reservas de la Biosfera de la UNESCO
The UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves

Este vídeo es el primero de una serie de cinco sobre las Reservas de la Biosfera en España. El objetivo es dar a conocer al gran público qué es una Reserva y porque son tan importantes a nivel económico y medioambiental.

This is the first of a serie of five videos about Biosphere Reserves in Spain. The objectif is to make known to the public what a Reserve is and why they are so important from an economical and environmental standpoint.

The idea pitched by the client for this video was to show a beautiful Spanish city and highlight the main aspects of a Biosphere Reserve, like commerce, local businesses and nature (including both terrestrial and marine environments). They suggested us some places in the Balearic Islands and other lovely villages over Galicia.

Direction and Script: Tomás Harjanne and Daniel Belchí Lorente
Animation and Edition: Tomás Harjanne

And now it's time for some
production illustrations.
This being the first video of the serie was very important to us because we have tto make decissions for the entire videos in order to keep it coherent. So we talked long days to set the right colours, textures, and the general mood for the serie.

Especially we focused our attention on preparing a nice colour palette while developing some earlier concepts and rough sketches. We wanted to transmit the sense of nature but trying not to use the classical colour palette made of greens. Finally we choosed a couple of high saturated yellow and orange with some darker greens and blues to make contrast.

Here you can see several colour test, messing around with filters and layer blending modes. At the bottom there is also the process of drawing of the main scene.
The city that appears at the beginning of the video is freely inspired by La Ciutadella de Menorca (The old town of Menorca, in Spain). The view of the city is astounding. There is a nice cohabitation of modern life with the calm and serenity of a marooned town.
The big castle over the city is the Palau Squella (Squella Palace), a gorgeous 18th century building that today is used as the Menorca City Hall.
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